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3 Sisters, Rose, Elsie and Hilda

Hilda Gaidica (Mother), Fred Gaidica (Father), Chuck (Self) & Fred, Jr. (Brother)
Grandma Hilda & Chris
Donna & Chuck, Sr (Chuck Sr. coming out)

Chuck landing after delivery of beer (Special Note - Belly)

One of Chuck Sr. Birthday's...
Chuck and Geri's house
Chuck and Geri's house at Christmas


Chevis and Snookums
Which has more hair?
Geri, Chuck & Chris

Anne Marie & Lisa

Donna as usual (couldn't keep her away from vibration (OUCH))
Chuck & Geri at Christmas
Chuck and Gizmo

Chuck and Gizmo

"Now I'm getting mad!! Who hid my wine?"
Geri & Sister, Lori
Geri, Lori & Dorothy (Sisters) (Secret service agent in middle)

Mom & Dad - Geri & Chuck, Brothers - Chris and Chuck Jr. at Gigi's wedding

Gigi Gaidica-Lang with Mother Geri
Gigi & Father Chuck at Gigi's Wedding singing My Little Girl
Gigi & Geri - Gigi Wedding, Geri Sisters Lori & Dorothy

Chuck and Geri at Edwin and Gigi's wedding

Chuck and Edwin a night or two before Gigi's wedding
Chuck, Geri, Gigi and Edwin
The men at Gigi and Edwin's wedding

Lisa, Chuck, Donna, Geri

Lisa & Nick De Corleto
Donna, Susan & Geri - Geri saying…"Am I happy, I found my wine!"

Riley and Grandpa cutting the grass

Riley & Gizmo
Painting Guest Room
(I mean her room)
Grandma and Riley

Riley coming to Visit Grandma & Grandpa

(The above picture is the beginning of a short movie. To start the movie, point your cursor over the picure, then right-click with your mouse, then left click on "Play")

Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary and renewing of wedding vows...
(Such a good looking couple wouldn't you say...)

The two most important things in Baby Chuck's Sr.'s life! Even at this age.

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